We (Esso Petroleum Company Limited) launched our Southampton to London Pipeline Project late in 2017 to replace 90km of our 105km aviation fuel pipeline that runs from our Fawley Refinery near Southampton, to our West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow.

Between 19 March and 30 April 2018, we consulted on potential corridor options. In May 2018, we announced our selection of corridor options G and J. When combined, these two options form our selected preferred corridor for the replacement underground fuel pipeline.

In June 2018, we released an initial working route, which is shown on our interactive map. This was based on feedback we received during the first consultation, and from meetings with local authorities, parish councils and landowners, where necessary, to understand local environmental and engineering features, and the potential impacts of the pipeline.

The ‘route’ refers to the actual location of the pipeline, but a wider area around the pipeline will be required during installation.

We are now refining the initial working route in order to present a preferred route and the results of early environmental assessments at our second consultation in autumn 2018.