The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has granted development consent for the Southampton to London Pipeline Project.

We will now be taking some time to review the decision letter and the order and will share updates on our construction plans when we can.

We (Esso Petroleum Company, Limited) launched our Southampton to London Pipeline Project late in 2017. The project proposes to replace 90km of our 105km underground aviation fuel pipeline that runs from our Fawley Refinery near Southampton, to our West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow.

  • This is a replacement for the existing aviation fuel pipeline, which has been in place since 1972.
  • Pipelines are a safe, secure and low impact method of transporting fuel to some of the UK’s busiest airports.
  • Once installed, the replacement pipeline will be buried and will be a quiet neighbour.

Feedback from the 1,400+ people who took part in our four consultations, plus our ongoing meetings and conversations with local organisations and landowners, helped us to confirm our final route for the replacement pipeline. You can view the final route on our interactive map.