Main open cut installation of the replacement pipeline through the SANG commenced in May. Works are likely to be completed in July 2022. 

The map above provides information on installation within the SANG. As outlined in the planning process, the project will be narrow working through the SANG. Further information on our construction plans can be found below.

About installation

Where required vegetation and tree clearance was undertaken by a small team during March 2022.

During installation, Heras-type fencing bolted together, or strong-wall fencing, is being used to secure the working area.

You may also see mobile welfare units, equipment, materials and vehicles within the working area.

During the open cut installation process, you may see deliveries of the steel pipes. These will be brought to site in a ‘just-in-time’ delivery sequencing. We will also have 24-hour security of the working areas within the SANG.

Access to Windlemere SANG will be available throughout installation. If there are any areas of closure, including footpath diversions, we will notify the community in advance.

The car park used for Windlemere SANG has not been impacted by the works. 

Our work in the SANG required some vegetation clearance, including shrubs and some younger trees. We will replace any trees we have removed.

We are using an auger bore to install under Lightwater Bypass/A322. These works will likely be completed in August 2022.   

Prior to installation, we thoroughly surveyed the ponds in Windlemere SANG for Great-Crested Newts. To protect them, we put up fences and moved them out of the working area under a licence from Natural England.

Our working areas are fully secure with locked gates and 24-hour security. 


Where the topsoil has been stripped and stored, this will then be replaced after the works have been completed and either reseeded or left to naturally regenerate, following discussion with Surrey Heath Borough Council.

The vegetation reinstatement will be subject to a five-year aftercare.