There is a clear process for developing proposals for the replacement pipeline. The project team values the important contribution that national and local stakeholders can make to the development process, and we expect to engage stakeholders during each stage of the project.

In December 2017 we launched the SLP project. A total of 17 corridors were developed initially, and six were then shortlisted: three in the south and three in the north.

In spring 2018, we ran a consultation where we asked for your views on the pipeline corridors. Following an in-depth analysis of the work done to date, as well as your feedback, we have decided to take corridors G and J to the next stage. These corridors will be combined to form the single preferred corridor.

Now that we have selected a preferred corridor, we will develop the route for the pipeline and aim to release an initial working route on the website in summer 2018.

For people who may be affected by the preferred corridor, we will be in touch via our land agent team, Fisher German LLP, to provide updates on the project.