Section H is largely urban. It spans Spelthorne Borough Council and ends just within the London Borough of Hounslow.

Preferred route description

The section is around 7km and starts after the trenchless crossing of the M3, following Littleton Lane north, before crossing the B376. It then goes north to the western edge of the Queen Mary Reservoir, at which point there are two sub-options.

After crossing the Staines By-Pass (A308), the section continues north, crossing the Waterloo to Reading railway line close to Ashford Station, where there are three sub-options.

All sub-options will have different impacts for landowners and residents and will meet up to cross under the A30 using trenchless techniques, finishing at the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow.

For more information about the sub-options please view our Consultation Brochure.

More details of what installation techniques will be used can be found here.

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Watch our Section H – M3 to the West London Terminal storage facility video