Please note: Descriptions below are relevant only to the previous consultation held in autumn 2018, and do not form part of the current design refinements consultation material. It is included here for reference.


Section G was largely urban, but also included a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It spanned Runnymede Borough Council and Spelthorne District Council.

Preferred route description

Section G was around 4km long and started at the approach to the A320/M25 and, after a trenchless crossing of the A320/M25, it continued through Abbey Manor Golf Course with a further trenchless crossing of the Chertsey Branch railway line between Chertsey and Addlestone Stations.

It then crossed under the A317 using trenchless techniques, before passing through the playing fields at Addlestone Moor.

There were then two trenchless sub-options for the crossing of the River Thames, as the route divertsed away from the existing pipeline to avoid Dumsey Meadow Site of Special Scientific Interest. Both options crossed the River Thames and the B375 and met after crossing the M3, where this section ended.

Sub-options selection

We have selected the following sub-options to progress from Section G:

Sub-options Sub-option selected Reasoning
G1a and G1b: Chertsey railway G1b

G1b has been selected as further survey work in the area identified an area of Ancient Woodland that we would seek to avoid along sub-option G1a. However, feedback from the consultation highlighted concerns about the impact of installation on traffic along Canford Drive. We will therefore be implementing traffic management plans to effectively control the traffic flow in this area during installation and ensure that access is maintained for residents. We will also look to reduce the width of the order limits through Abbey Moor Golf Course and create an installation timetable that reduces the impact on the golf course.

G2a and G2b: River Thames G2a – with further refinements

We have selected G2a as it has been found to have more suitable ground conditions than G2b for installation. The M3 crossing was also planned at an angle along G2b which would pose significant engineering challenges. We have carried out further technical work to identify the space that we would need to install the pipeline and cross the river.