Section F runs through both rural and urban areas, including one area of land owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and also a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) such as Colony Bog. It spans Surrey Heath Borough Council and Runnymede Borough Council.

Preferred route description

Section F is approximately 16km long and starts immediately after the B3015, where it enters MoD land associated with the Bisley and Pirbright Ranges, Colony Bog and Bagshot Heath SSSI. It continues north running adjacent to Deepcut Bridge Road (B3015) before turning east to follow Red Road (B311), where there are three options leading to Guildford Road.

The northern option crosses Red Road at the junction with Lightwater Road, and follows an existing track to Guildford Road. The second option follows Red Road and re-joins the existing pipeline route and follows it to Guildford Road. The third option follows the existing MoD track to re-join the existing pipeline route and follows it to Guildford Road.

The section then crosses Guildford Road, using trenchless techniques under the A322, continuing through Windlemere Golf Course. It then continues generally north east and includes two sub-options due to the Chobham Common SSSI between Windlesham Road and the B386.

The section then crosses the B386 before ending just north of Chertsey Hospital, Holloway Hill and the approach to the A320/M25.

For more information about the sub-options please view our Consultation Brochure.

More details of what installation techniques will be used can be found here.

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