Please note: Descriptions below are relevant only to the previous consultation held in autumn 2018, and do not form part of the current design refinements consultation material. It is included here for reference.


Section E ran through both rural and urban areas with a significant proportion passing through land owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). It spanned Rushmoor Borough Council and Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Preferred route description

Section E was around 8km in length and started just after the A327 crossing, running along the north of Cove Road (B3014), where there were two sub-options through the open land to the south of Cove Brook.

Both sub-options then crossed the South Western main railway line to the west of Farnborough, before running east and through Queen Elizabeth Country Park to the north of Farnborough Station, where a trenchless crossing passed under the A325.

The section then crossed open land owned by Farnborough Hill School, after which it crossed the North Down railway line at Farnborough North, where there were another two sub-options.

The options met at the B3411 and followed the existing pipeline to Frith Hill, crossing MoD land, where there were two sub-options, either following the existing pipeline across Pine Ridge Golf Course or following an existing track around the Golf course and running along the verge of Deepcut Bridge Road. This section finished immediately after the B3015 at the junction of Old Bisley Road, The Maultway and Deepcut Bridge Road.

Sub-options selection

We have selected the following sub-options to progress from Section E:

Sub-options Sub-option selected Reasoning
E1a and E1b: Cove Brook Park E1a

We have selected sub-option E1a to progress. E1b was not selected due to a number of planning, environmental and engineering concerns.

E2a and E2b: Cove Road Both sub-options deselected and a new option proposed

From consultation feedback and further technical work, we have decided not to progress either sub-option.

E2a was deselected due to further technical work indicating that the length and location of the trenchless crossing from Cove Brook Park to the north of the railway would not be technically possible to install. This would have meant significant delays to the installation of the pipeline and continued disruption to communities.

E2b was deselected due to narrow roads and would have involved the removal of garages. Cranes would have been required to move equipment to the working area between homes and the railway. The local footpath alongside the railway embankment and under the railway at Highfield Path would also have been closed for a long period of time.

We are proposing an amended route in this area to provide an alternative to these two sub-options.

E3a, E3b and E3c: Cabrol Road E3a

We have selected E3a as it follows the existing pipeline more closely than options E3b or E3c. It would reduce the potential impacts on access to residential properties and street works during installation. It would also reduce the impact on Stake Lane and the allotments near Prospect Road, as trenchless techniques

E4a and E4b: Farnborough North E4a – with further refinements

We have selected E4a, progressing the southern of the two further options within it.

This was the option preferred by many local landowners and reduces the direct impacts on Henry Tyndale School (for children with complex learning difficulties) and Farnborough North Station. The southern option within E4a has been selected as the angle at which it crosses the Reading to Redhill and Ascot to Guildford railway lines is preferable from an engineering perspective. There were other concerns around the environmental features in the area. We have, however, considered an alternative installation technique in this area due to unknown ground conditions.

E5a and E5b: Pine Ridge Golf Course E5a

We have selected E5a, which most closely follows the existing pipeline. While we understand the potential impacts on the Golf Course, we have taken into consideration strong feedback from the consultation and ongoing engagement regarding potential disruption to traffic along Deepcut Bridge Road. A small section of E5b will be retained just off Deepcut Bridge Road to be used as a temporary logistics hub. However, there would be no street works along this road.