Please note: Descriptions below are relevant only to the previous consultation held in autumn 2018, and do not form part of the current design refinements consultation material. It is included here for reference.


Section D ran through both rural and urban areas with a significant proportion passing through land owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). There were a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and European designated wildlife sites. We would mitigate potential impacts on these designated sites by, for example, routing (where appropriate) along an existing track and taking into account factors such as bird nesting seasons. This section spanned Hart District Council and Rushmoor Borough Council.

Preferred route description

Section D was around 9km long and started at Dippenhall Street, where there were two sub-options at Oak Park Golf Course to enable us to carry out further engineering and environmental assessments.

The section then crossed the A287 before entering MoD land at Ewshot Lane. It ran alongside Naishes Lane to Quetta Park and onto Fleet Business Park, where there were another two sub-options. Both options deviated from the existing pipeline to avoid crossing Fleet Business Park.

Both sub-options crossed the B3013, re-joining by a development site, through which there werd two crossing options, before re-entering MoD land.

From this point, the section crosses the northern part of Tweseldown Racecourse, Ewshot, and the Bourley and Long Valley SSSI, followed by a trenchless crossing of the Basingstoke Canal and A323.

It then passed along the northern boundary of Eelmoor Marsh SSSI before leaving the MoD land. The section crossed Cody Technology Park and the western section of Southwood Golf Course and finished just after the trenchless crossing of the A327. Wey and the Alton to Waterloo railway line into Alton Pumping Station.

From Alton Pumping Station, a trenchless crossing passed under the A31 and ran to the south east of Upper and Lower Froyle, avoiding Locks Grove and Lee Wood Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). The section ended at Dippenhall Street.

Sub-options selection

We have selected the following sub-options to progress from Section D:

Sub-options Sub-option selected Reasoning
D1a and D1b: Oak Park Golf Course D1b

We have selected D1b to reduce disruption to Oak Park Golf Course.

D2a and D2b: Fleet Business Park D2b

We have selected D2b as it would have less potential traffic disruption during installation than D2a. D2b also has fewer crossings of the existing pipeline than D2a, which is preferable. It would also reduce impacts on Fleet Business Park and Naishes Lane. This sub-option may require some environmental mitigation.

D3a and D3b: Beacon Hill Road D3a – with further refinements

We have decided to progress D3a, but with some refinements. We will move the order limits to the west to include Beacon Hill Road to reduce the impact on development plans. D3a better accounts for these plans than D3b as it avoids cutting through the middle of the development site, but requires further refinements.

D4a and D4b: Norris Hill D4a, with D4b as an access route

D4a has been selected as the preferred pipeline route because it closely follows the existing pipeline. D4b follows an established track and would only be used for temporary access during installation.