Please note: Descriptions below are relevant only to the previous consultation held in autumn 2018, and do not form part of the current design refinements consultation material. It is included here for reference.


Section B was also largely rural, similar to Section A, and lay mainly within the South Downs National Park – re-entering the park near Four Marks. It spanned Eastleigh Borough and Winchester City Councils.

Preferred route description

Section B was around 15km long and started just after the A272 crossing.

It avoided Woodcote Copse and Bramdean Common before running north of West Tisted. It then ran through the Four Marks Golf Course followed by a trenchless crossing of the A32, before running outside the southern boundary of Chawton House Registered Park and Gardens.

The section ended at the boundary of the South Downs National Park after the B3006 crossing.

There were no sub-options within Section B of the preferred route.