Please note: Descriptions below are relevant only to the previous consultation held in autumn 2018, and do not form part of the current design refinements consultation material. It is included here for reference.


Section A was largely rural and ran through agricultural land. Most of this section was within the South Downs National Park. It spanned Eastleigh Borough and Winchester City Councils.

Preferred route description

Section A was around 19km long and started north of the B3354 and Maddoxford Lane and east of Boorley Green, where there were two sub-options designed to take account of ongoing development in the area.

The section then crossed the B2177 between Bishop’s Waltham and Upham, where it entered the South Downs National Park. The route diverted away from the existing pipeline to avoid the chalk grassland and established vegetation areas at Stephen’s Castle Down.

There were then another two sub-options just east of Joan’s Acre Wood. The western sub-option passed Joan’s Acre Wood, with options to route through or around the Hinton Ampner National Trust property.

The sub-options met, passing the village of Bramdean before this section ended just after a trenchless crossing of the A272.

Sub-options selection

We have selected the following sub-options to progress from Section A:

Sub-options Sub-option selected Reasoning
A1a and A1b: Boorley Green A1b

We have selected A1b to take into consideration residential development proposals around Maddoxford Lane. We have also removed the order limits extending further to the south of Maddoxford Lane as they are no longer required by the project.

A1b would provide more space for trenchless installation than A1a.

A2a and A2b: Hinton Ampner A2a and A2b – both sub-options

We have decided to maintain both sub-options A2a and A2b at this stage and will undertake further detailed engagement with local landowners along the two sub-options to help establish the most appropriate pipeline route. We are aware of the concerns raised around potentially impacting National Trust land, but we also have strong feedback in favour of passing through its land and we are talking further with the National Trust.