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We will be installing an alternative play area in Queen Elizabeth Park, Farnborough. Our plans within the park mean we will need to remove the current play area so that we have space to install our construction compound. Before removing the current play area, an alternative play area will be installed elsewhere in the park. For full details on our proposed design, please read our consultation brochure.

We are seeking your views on the design for this alternative play area.

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We have agreed a suitable location with Rushmoor Borough Council. This is an open glade surrounded by trees to the northern edge of the park.

The current play area will need to be removed during construction. It will be replaced with new equipment once works are complete. We will be consulting the community on the design of this play area in 2022.

We have surveyed the location for the new play area, and with our contractor Earth Wrights, we are confident the installation of the new play area will not require any tree removal. Earth Wrights have installed a play area walkway around a veteran tree in Kew Gardens and have a wealth of experience in working in Root Protection Areas. They will be using hand tools and hand digging to install the play area and protect the health of the nearby trees.

The play area will be installed in early 2022. It will be open before the current play area is removed.

We will build the play area so that it can be permanent. If it is well used by children, then we can leave it in place, or we can remove it. Once works in the park are completed, we will agree the most suitable option with Rushmoor Borough Council.

We already have consent to install the temporary play area within our working area by Cabrol Road car park but have agreed with the Council that it would be preferable to install it away from the working area. However, to install it outside of our working area we need separate planning permission, which we will be applying for following close of the consultation.

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