Consultation: Reinstating the original play area in Queen Elizabeth Park with new equipment

In February 2023, we ran a consultation to hear your views about the play spaces and equipment we have selected for the original play area we are reinstating with new equipment. The play area is located in Queen Elizabeth Park in Farnborough. The consultation was open from 1 February and closed at 23:59 on 28 February 2023.

Over the next few weeks, we will finalise the design with Rushmoor Borough Council and provide an update to the community on when we expect the play area to be installed and opened for use.


The play area is mainly for older children but includes play opportunities for younger children too. This is known as a Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play or a NEAP.

While there aren’t any specific requirements for this type of play area, typically they provide both play equipment, and areas for socialising.

Working with the playground specialist, who provided the original equipment, we have designed a play space that caters for, and inspires, children of all ages. We have included a variety of challenges across all the structures at different levels, which will encourage children of all ages to play, develop and stretch their physical capabilities together.

The play area design has been broken down into five main playspaces:

Playspace one
Playspace two
Playspace three
Playspace four
Playspace five

To provide for childrens’ varied play needs we considered the different types of play and play experiences available. The current design of our play area will allow for several play needs to be met at the same time.

We have designed the new play area to include the following play experiences.

Balancing: The timber balance route in playspace two offers opportunity for developing the vestibular system.

Swinging: Playspace four caters for a variety of ages as it includes a junior swing, a cradle swing and a team swing.

Jumping: The design offers a variety of opportunities to jump and leap between elements.

Climbing: This design offers ample opportunity to climb. Younger children can climb on the climbing net and ladder on the Little Hamlets and also on the Little Monkeys Spiders Web in playspace three. For older children, a variety of climbing experiences are offered in playspace one including a variety of different shaped climbing nets and a climbing rope.

Overhead activity: The overhead ropes included in playspace two offer a physical challenge, helping children develop both upper body strength and co-ordination.

Sliding: As slides are a favourite classic, this design offers two. One is part of the Little Hamlets in playspace three for the younger children and the other is part of the Jukebox in playspace one for older children.

Imaginative play: The design has a natural aesthetic made up of timber and green equipment which will help stimulate imaginative play narratives and engage the childrens’ innate creativity.

Social play: The structures lend themselves to co-operative and collective games such as, the ground is lava, off-ground chase and role playing.

Exploratory play: There are many routes around the structures for children to explore with many different levels and types of challenges.

Open space play: Whilst the play area will be fenced, there is still plenty of space for children to imaginatively create free games that don’t require and fixed equipment, e.g. chase games.

Yes. The play area will be fully fenced and have a public sign. Seating and bins will also be provided as standard.

Once the consultation is complete, we will finalise the design with Rushmoor Borough Council and then provide an update to the community on when we expect the play area to be installed and opened for use.

No. The play area will be installed in the same location it was originally in, next to Cabrol Road car park.