Installation of the replacement pipeline will likely take place in August and September 2022.

The map above provides information on installation within the sports ground. As outlined in the planning process, the project will be narrow working through the sports ground. Further information on our construction plans can be found below.

About installation

Before installation starts, the first thing you will see is signs notifying sports ground users that works will be taking place.

When installation starts, Heras-type fencing bolted together, or strong-wall fencing, will be used to secure the working area.

You may also see mobile welfare units, equipment, materials and vehicles within the working area.

During the open cut installation process, you may see deliveries of the steel pipes. These will be brought to site in a ‘just-in-time’ delivery sequencing. We will also have 24-hour security of the working areas within the sports ground.

Access to Peter Driver Sports Ground will be available throughout installation. 

The car park used for Peter Driver Sports Ground will not be impacted by the works.

We will be using an open cut technique to install through the sports ground.

We have committed to using a reduced working width of 10m when installing through the playing field. This means the ground itself will remain open for smaller activities and general recreation. The car park and pavilion will be open for use.

The work areas will be fully secure with locked gates and 24-hour security.

Once we’ve completed installation, the excavated areas will be reinstated and re-turfed.

We will follow Sport England’s guidance, Natural Turf for Sport, or specific guidance from the Parish Council on the standard reinstated turf needs to meet. In either case, reinstatement will be to a high standard.