We have now completed installation of our replacement pipeline at Naishes Lane SANG and are reinstating the area, with native species.

Through part of the SANG, we reduced our working width to 15m to reduce our impact on Ewshot SINC and Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) over an approximate distance of 356m.

Further information on our construction plans can be found below.

About installation

You will be able to use and enjoy the SANG throughout works.

Where paths remain open, we have installed safe crossing points. Where we needed to close paths, these have been diverted to a nearby open path. All diversions are signposted.

Parking at the SANG will be maintained throughout works.

We used tried and tested techniques to work around tree roots through the SANG, including hand digging and use of air spades.
In addition, the project’s Environmental Clerk of Works and arboriculturist visited working areas to provide specialist advice when any works to trees, such as branch removal, were required.

Construction vehicles will enter the SANG from both the north and south end of the SANG via Naishes Lane.

The work areas are fully secure with locked gates and 24-hour security.

Now that installation has been completed, we are undertaking reinstatement works to re-plant the working area with native species.

The vegetation will be subject to a five-year aftercare period to ensure it becomes established.

Like-for-like footpath surfacing will be used for reinstatement of paths crossed by the working area once the open cut works are complete, unless otherwise agreed between the project and the landowner.