We value our long-term relationships with people who have our existing pipelines on their land.

Our land agent team is led by the specialist company Fisher German LLP. The Fisher German team has enjoyed a long working relationship with us and has provided land agency services in connection with our UK pipeline network for more than 30 years.

As part of the application process, there is a legal requirement to identify who owns or has an interest in the land. To make sure the information is as accurate as possible, the Fisher German team has engaged with potentially impacted landowners.

We will continue to talk to landowners following the close of this consultation, when we submit our application for development consent and, if we are successful, during the installation of the replacement pipeline.

What happens now for landowners?

We have now begun to contact landowners where, if we are granted development consent, the proposed replacement pipeline route will impact their land. Alongside the preparation of our application for development consent, we are hoping to voluntarily agree legal rights with individual landowners. These legal rights are known as an Option Agreement and a Deed of Grant of easement.

These agreements place duties on both parties that will enable us to work together during installation and as we operate and maintain the pipeline.

Landowners will receive an offer pack, which includes documents that outline our offer to voluntarily agree the necessary legal rights regarding their land. This includes details about incentive payments available to encourage early conclusion of the Option Agreement and compensation for the rights we seek.

The pack contains:

  • an offer letter;
  • a key terms document;
  • a plan;
  • a leaflet outlining Esso’s approach to negotiation of voluntary agreements;
  • the Option Agreement;
  • the Deed of Grant; and
  • a surveyors’ fee scale.

If you require any further information, please contact our land agents Fisher German.

Tel: 08454 370 383 Email: slpproject@fishergerman.co.uk