Working with landowners

Esso values its long-term relationships with people who have our existing pipelines on their land.

We have a land agent team, led by the specialist company Fisher German LLP. The Fisher German team has enjoyed a long working relationship with us and has provided land agency services in connection with our UK pipeline network for more than 30 years.

The team distributes half-yearly newsletters to landowners about our pipelines, as well as important safety information. Team members also attend local shows and events to promote safety awareness.

As the project develops, the Fisher German team will contact some landowners to arrange access to private land for surveys. Ultimately, if the Development Consent Order is granted, we will seek agreements with the relevant landowners for the installation and operation of the replacement pipeline. We will need to install the pipeline on private land, but it will not pass under any existing homes.

As part of the application process, there is a legal requirement to identify who owns or has an interest in
the land. To make sure the information is as accurate as possible, the Fisher German team have written to
landowners within the potential corridors that were included in the first consultation.

Now that we have selected a preferred corridor, Fisher German will be the first point of contact for landowners.