The Southampton to London Pipeline project submitted its application for development consent on 14 May 2019 and it was formally accepted by the Planning Inspectorate on 11 June 2019.

Now that our application has been accepted, it has been published on the Planning Inspectorate’s website and the application will move onto the pre-examination stage which will last approximately three months. During this time, an Examining Authority is appointed, and the public is able to register with the Planning Inspectorate to become an Interested Party by making a Relevant Representation. For more information visit our application page.

The reports, drawings and plans that make up the application for development consent have been organised into seven volumes as listed in the table below. The table includes links to each document on the Planning Inspectorate’s website and will take you to an external page. We will monitor these links, but documents may be updated or moved without our knowledge.

Please note, we received Section 51 advice from the Planning Inspectorate following the acceptance of our application, which required us to make updates to some of our application documents. We submitted updated versions of the following documents to the Planning Inspectorate on 21 June 2019:

  • Navigation Document
  • Land Plans 1 of 4
  • Land Plans 2 of 4
  • Land Plans 3 of 4
  • Land Plans 4 of 4
  • Works Plans 1 of 3
  • Works Plans 2 of 3
  • Works Plans 3 of 3
  • Special Category Land Plans 1 of 3
  • Statement of Reasons
  • Book of Reference
  • Consultation Report
  • Consultation Report Appendix 5 – Preferred Route Consultation

A ‘Navigation Document’, summarising the structure of the structure of the application and explaining what the documents are can also be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website here.

Now that our application has been accepted, the process is managed by the Planning Inspectorate and so we would encourage you to sign up on the Planning Inspectorate’s website for further updates on the project.