Since the end of last year, we have been working with specialist companies to develop detailed plans for the 97km replacement pipeline and associated 24-month construction programme.

Working alongside the Foxhills team, we have been working to revise the original plans to reduce the impact on the two golf courses. The work we have undertaken has allowed our team to properly understand the golf courses and create a bespoke construction methodology with input from specialist companies to reduce the overall impact to the courses.

About installation

From 22 August, we are creating an access point off Longcross Road. This work will start from the roadside, while it is on land owned by Foxhills it will not cross the boundary into the golf course. This does not require the removal of any mature trees.

From October 2022

On the Longcross Course, we will be installing TC027. Originally, this was to pass under Accommodation Road and hole seven. We have now agreed to extend this trenchless crossing to further pass under holes five, three, two and 15 (west to east). The working area required at the end of the drill is between holes 15 and 17 on a non-playing area and will not affect play.

On the Bernard Hunt Course;

Works will take place in non-playing areas between the 13th fairway and third green. And, then open cut work will run adjacent to the third and 14th fairway.

The existing access road to the green-keepers compound at hole 14 will be used by construction traffic. Play will be given priority over vehicles crossing.

Hole 17 will also be closed as we will be installing across and along the northern edge of the fairway.

We are installing in the narrow track/path in a woodland belt (there will some tree removal in this area) which then becomes the open track between the third and 14th holes. The use of this track will not affect play and alternative access for the Foxhills maintenance team has been agreed to link up existing tracks.

TC28 Holloway Hill Woods. This is to install under Longcross Road and the mature trees in the wood on the northern side. With hole 13 closed these works should not affect members use of the golf course.

While we don’t anticipate delays to works, we have committed to only starting the open cut works on the Longcross Course once the installation work above is completed on the Bernard Hunt Course. This means we will only be working on one course at any one time. Our works in Foxhills are planned to finish before March 2023.

On the Longcross Course;

  • We will be using an existing access from Longcross Road. This should not impact members.
  • We plan to close holes 17 and 12 while we install alongside the fairways.
  • We will be creating a safe crossing point for members and signs will be in place to guide golfers between holes.
  • Trees will be removed for this work between hole 17 and hole 12 and some individual trees along the edge of the fairways which can’t be avoided.

All of our works will be within the approved limits set out in the Runnymede Noise and Vibration Management Plan  only the drill for TC028 at Foxhills has been assessed as needing noise mitigation.

The noise generated by open cut works are fairly typical of construction activity for steel pipe installation. There will be machinery noise, including, digging, moving pipe, welding and grinding activity.

The trenchless crossings at TC027 and TC028 will be Horizontal Directional Drills (HDDs), which is the quietest trenchless technique. The majority of the noise for this operation is emitted from the power generation, mixing and pumping equipment. The type of noise users of the golf course might experience is a constant hum, with occasional noise from plant servicing the equipment. The noise from assembling (welding/grinding) the pipeline for the two drills will take place outside of the golf course and therefore won’t generate any disturbance.

The pipe push technique emits a different type of noise (striking noise). Each pipe push section will take approximately 2-3 hours of driving and then the operation will stop to weld the next pipe section. In totality, the pipe push at Foxhills is estimated to be between 3 and 4 lengths of pipe, so the trenchless team are expecting this activity to take around a week. We will install acoustic blankets around the pipe push as unlike the other construction activity the striking noise is not a consistent background noise and has the potential to be more irritating.

We do have a range of commitments to manage construction noise, these are set out in the Code of Construction Practice (Certified DCO document).

There will be manned crossing points to maintain safety for the access roads at TC027 and on the Bernard Hunt Course by the green keepers’ access road and hole 14, giving priority to golfers.

We will not be using the 13th hole on the Bernard Hunt Course as a haul road. Construction traffic to support the pipe push will come from either end of the Order Limits via the access points off Longcross Road.

Appropriate lighting will be used for each task.

Soil will be stored at the side of the trench.

We will use Heras fencing around the majority of the working area for the duration of the works, aside from where we are working in areas of woodland where no active play is nearby – this will be post and rope.

The fenced area will be reduced as areas are completed and reinstatement has been finalised by MJ Abbotts.

We will also use green debris netting in places to screen the works.

Footpath access will be retained at all times and signage will be present to help you navigate around the works.

In September, we will be creating an access point off Longcross Road.

From October 2022 we will be installing both the TC027 and 28 trenchless crossings and will be installing the open cut areas in the Bernard Hunt course at the same time.

Once these works are completed, we will start the open cut works on the Longcross Course – planned for January 2023.

All works are planned to be completed in March 2023.

Our normal working hours are between 0800 and 1800 on weekdays (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturdays except in the event of an emergency.

We will demobilise our site on the 21 December.
We will restart works from the 3 January.

We will be removing trees for these works. This has been reduced as much as possible and we will be replanting with native species on a one for one basis. We will support the maintenance of trees for at least five years.

We have over 100 environmental commitments, including protecting Great Crested Newts. We will be working with Foxhills to make sure we are complying with our licence requirements and clearing protected species and other reptiles from our working areas.

We are using Foxhills’ preferred maintenance company MJ Abbott to assist with drainage, irrigation, topsoil and turf reinstatement.

We will reinstate paths and accesses on a like for like basis.

The team will be in The Study in the Manor House on the 22 and 23 September between 9am and 5pm to answer any further questions face to face.

Once our works have started, we will be updating residents through text messages. To register, text ‘FOXHILLS’ to 60777. You will receive weekly update texts about our progress through the courses.

You can also sign up to our monthly e-newsletter at