Installation of the replacement pipeline will likely take place between September 2022 and January 2023.

The map above provides information on installation within the park. As outlined in the planning process, the project will be using a narrow working area through the park.

Further information on our construction plans can be found below.

About installation

Vegetation and tree clearance was undertaken by a small team in early 2022.

Before installation starts, the first thing you will see is signs notifying park users that works will be taking place.

When installation starts, Heras-type fencing bolted together, or strong-wall fencing, will be used to secure the working area.

You may also see mobile welfare units, equipment, materials and vehicles within the working area.

During the open cut installation process, you may see deliveries of the steel pipes. These will be brought to site in a ‘just-in-time’ delivery sequencing – this is because we want to reduce the space needed for the compound within the park. We will also have 24-hour security of the working areas within the park.

Access to the park will be available throughout installation.

Some of the existing pedestrian paths cross the construction working area. When the works are crossing the footpath, a local diversion will be put in place, and once complete, the path will be reinstated, or a temporary surface installed until reinstatement is completed.

Additional signage for diversions on to alternative existing paths will be put in place as appropriate in advance of any closures.

Trees are scattered within the Order Limits, primarily within the northern part of the park and also partly in a line of a formal path that crosses the Order Limits. Tree species comprise primarily non-native ornamental species and a few native species, including Poplar, Silver Birch, Himalayan Birch, Lime, Damson, Crab Apple, False Acacia, Cherry, Purple leaf Plum, Leyland Cypress, Dawn Redwood, Horse Chestnut and Rowan.

We will be using tried and tested techniques to work around tree roots through the park, including hand digging and use of air spades.

In addition, the project’s Environmental Clerk of Works and arboriculturalist will visit working areas to provide specialist advice when any works to trees, such as branch removal, are required.

We will use an open cut technique to install the replacement pipeline through the park.

Any necessary vegetation clearance works would take place before the construction fencing is erected. During vegetation clearance, warning signage to indicate working zones will be erected to alert the public to the works.

The open cut installation working area will be narrowed to a maximum 10m wide working area.

Topsoil will only be stripped from the area required for the 1m wide trench. Ground protection will be used when crossing larger grassed areas.

During the open cut works the majority of the material we take out of the ground is replaced when we backfill the trench.

Fabrication works, such as grinding, welding, coating and testing, will be undertaken behind screens or within shelters in order to reduce impacts on the users of the park.

The open cut working will be completed when the ends are connected into the pipeline installed during the two trenchless installations in the southeast and northwest corners of the park.

The Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) launch area will be situated adjacent to Ashford Road, near to an existing vehicle access for the park. The set-up of this area will follow the standard HDD methodology. Works will likely take place from August to October 2022.

There are no existing formal paths in this area. Some vegetation will need to be cleared from this area, but no mature trees will be removed.

The current assessment shows that two trees may be removed to create a safe working area. Some trees overhanging the working area may need to be pruned. The area will then be scanned for utilities and ground protection laid to reduce topsoil stripping.

Once the HDD section is complete, the area will be fenced off and left in situ until the open cut section connecting the pipe to the trenchless section is concluded.

The Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) launch area will be situated in the northwest corner of the park. There is one existing undesignated public path that crosses this area. This will be diverted for the duration of the works. Works will likely take place from August to October 2022.

The set-up of this area will follow the standard HDD methodology Noise as a result of drilling has been assessed, and no significant effects on local residents have been identified. Once the HDD section is complete, the area will be fenced off and left in situ until the open cut section connecting the pipe to the trenchless section is concluded

Access to the southeast end of the park and to the drive area for TC038 will be via the B377 Ashford Road access.

Permission has been granted to build an alternative access into the northwest side of the park from Woodthorpe Road, meaning that the project will not be using Celia Crescent as a vehicular access route into Fordbridge Park. Access was granted under a permit from Surrey Highways Authority and voluntary land rights from Spelthorne Borough Council, as the relevant land is outside of the Order Limits.

The access into the park and the access route within the park will be fenced for the duration of the works. There will be pedestrian crossing points, similar to those used for Public Rights of Way crossings, available to cross the access route within the park. Pedestrians will have priority at these crossing points.

The work areas will be fully secure with locked gates and 24-hour security.

Where the topsoil has been stripped, it will be stored and replaced after the works have been completed and either turfed or seeded with an amenity mix specific to Fordbridge Park.

Where trees have been removed, they will be replaced at the nearest location. Please see the reinstatement plan for further details.

The vegetation will be subject to a five-year aftercare period to ensure it becomes established.

Like-for-like footpath surfacing will be used for reinstatement of paths crossed by the working area once the open cut works are complete, unless otherwise agreed between the project and Spelthorne Borough Council.